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Maple Direct is a full service print and lettershop services company. For over 30 years, Maple Direct has been providing high quality direct-mail printing and distribution services to the most demanding direct marketing clients.

Headquartered in Pennsauken, New Jersey, Maple Direct utilizing state-of-the-art equipment, supported by a team of nearly 50 full-time employees at our 34,000 square foot facility in Pennsauken, and our 5,000 square foot facility in Phoenix, Arizona.

Over the past several years, Maple Direct has developed significant expertise in supporting personalized and targeted promotion campaigns for enterprises in the casino and hospitality industries. In addition to printing and lettershop services, laser and inkjet imaging, and bulk mail preparation, Maple Direct provides effective database management and response tracking.

As a result of our experience in the dynamic casino gaming industry, we are experienced with tight industry requirements regarding quality control, accountability, data security, as well as responsiveness and speed. 

Lettershop Services
Printing Services
  • In Plant Post Office Inserting
  • Inkjet Addressing
  • Five Color Inkjets
  • Folding
  • Wafer Sealing
  • Bulk Mail Preparation
  • Laser Printing
  • Digital Printing
  • Bindery
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